Things to do in The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz

May 15, 2018
Category: Things To Do in Santa Cruz CA

About The Mystery Spot

Located just outside of Santa Cruz, California is the puzzling natural wonder known as The Mystery Spot. The Mystery Spot is a place within the redwood forest that is known for their naturally occurring gravitational shifts. No one is quite sure what causes the changes in the gravity, perspective, and height, but it is a highly popular attraction that has tourists flocking to it year after year. 

The area in which The Mystery Spot is located was discovered in 1939 and was then opened as an attraction in 1940. Since its opening, The Mystery Spot has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world, many of which keep returning to relive the experience of their visit again. 

The hours of operation for The Mystery Spot on Mondays through Fridays are from 10 am until 6 pm. Their hours for Saturday through Sunday are from 9 am until 8 pm. Because there are so many people that come to see what lies within The Mystery Spot, the park recommends that you purchase tickets in advance either online or over the phone. Each ticket costs $8, but children aged 3 years and younger get free admission into The Mystery Spot. For usage of their parking lot, you will need to pay a fee of $5. The park staff also recommends that you show up 30 minutes before your scheduled tour time to ensure that you won’t be late. 

Tours of The Mystery Spot typically last about 45 minutes. Within these tours, you will be given a brief history of the park itself as well as facts on the area and demonstrations on what makes The Mystery Spot so unique. Watch in awe as pool balls roll uphill, other guests walk along the walls, and much more than you need to see yourself to believe. After your tour, you are able to take a look in their gift shop where you can purchase items such as keychains, bumper stickers, books, clothing, and more. 

About the Hotel

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